Repairing Scratches On Oiled Wood Floors

If you are searching for means of repairing scratches on prefinished flooring, the odds are you’ve spent in a nice new hardwood flooring and had a little”injury”. Alternatively, scratches could be brought on by easy wear and tear. The approach you choose to fixing the scratches on your own oiled flooring will depend to a large degree on the degree of the scratching.

If you have a general coverage of”wear and tear” scratches on your oiled floor, there’s little point in handling those with a floor pen or a wax stick. What you may need to believe about is an entire re-sand and re-finish. If it does happen that you need to re-sand and re-finish the floor, then you are going to have to think carefully about whether this is a job which you wish to undertake a DIY basis or whenever you want to call in the professionals.

Complete, hardwood flooring re-sand and re-finish is not a quick job and has to be planned. If you’re planning to take on this endeavor yourself, there are a few things that you should bear in mind.

Pick a selection of sandpaper from heavy, 40 grit, through to fine, which may be anything up to 120 grit.

Make sure that you remove all furniture and soft furnishings out of your room because sanding is messy. Be careful when you remove your furniture not to drag it since this may result in even more extensive damage.

Once you have the space completely empty, make certain that there are no nails or staples standing proud of your flooring.

When you’ve finished sanding, vacuum up all the dust which has accumulated on the floor, especially involving any gaps in the boards.

Leave enough time between sanding and oiling to make certain any airborne dust has settled and has been cleared away before moving on to the next phase.

Should you need to fix the odd random scratch on an oiled flooring, you can buy a floor pen or a wax rod from the floor provider or some other fantastic DIY shop. Floor pens come in a range of wood colours and wax sticks can be softened and utilized as a filler to get deeper scratches. Both will do the trick to disguise scratches which are not too excessive or too wide-spread.

Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen

We get a lot of questions regarding the appropriateness of installing hardwood floors the kitchen suburban clients. While it may look like vulnerability to water, spills or heavy foot traffic could be reasons to put in another flooring material, there is are more reasons to select hardwood floors to your kitchen than you will find reasons to avoid it.

Whether you’re thinking about extending an present wood floor, remodeling or simply updating your flooring, hardwood flooring in the kitchen are a excellent choice for a lot of reasons. Here are a Few of the reasons you ought to consider wood floors in your kitchen:

Wood Flooring Lends Warmth & Comfort For Your Kitchen

Kitchens are where family and guests love to congregate. Whether you are preparing food or sitting down to enjoy a meal, people come together from the kitchen. Whenever your budget will allow, selecting hardwood to present a warm design element in your kitchen would be well worth the investment. And, the chef at your home will be especially appreciative of the comfort wood flooring supplies to stand on and go around on.

Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen is Easy to Clean

Among the chief reasons hardwood is a great choice for kitchen floors relates to how easy it’s to clean. And, these days, most hardwood floors materials are pre-treated prior to installation to help protect the floors and also make clean up easy for liquids, dirt and crumbs.

While cracks and gaps between wood planks may accumulate spilled items and debris, cleaning hardwood floors could be performed using various method, including a combination of either a:

Alongside spills and mishaps, kitchen floors has to be capable of withstanding high-traffic. However, when wood flooring is finished, or pre-treated, it can easily resist the demands of foot-traffic, crumbs and dampness. Although hardwood flooring can create scratches and scuffs over time, eventually when the time comes, hardwood can be sanded and refinished to its original glory.

Hardwood Floors in Your Own Kitchen Can Boost Your Resale Value

While tile and laminate have been popular kitchen flooring options for a long time, today’s home buyer is demanding a cohesive hardwood flooring throughout the primary level of the home. Not only does a continuous surface make any floorplan look larger, but in addition, it lends a modern, sophisticated edge to the home.

Hardwood is a timeless material that is a wonderful choice for kitchen floors. While your choice to install hardwood floors in your kitchen can determine your chosen wood species, texture, finish and color, the end result will bring you years of beauty, enjoyment and value.

How to Decide Between Light and Dark Hardwood Flooring?

8972429839_87509ef4ce_oObtaining your hardwood flooring right the very first time is essential. If you can imagine that it’s possible that the floors will outlast you, you will understand the need to install something which you enjoy and are willing to live with for the long run. That said, if you’re thinking about how to decide between light and dark hardwood flooring, you shouldn’t worry overly much, you can always strip and sand them down to the original color and re-stain them as you see fit. It’s not the simplest job on the planet, but it’s also far from hopeless. However, for the various arguments for dark versus light, read on.

The Look Of Cleanliness

There is no doubt that dark flooring show dirt easier than milder flooring. This will be particularly important when you have kids or pets as they will obviously increase the dirt amounts throughout the house.

The Size Of The Space

If you are working with a smaller area, lighter floors can make it look larger while darker flooring may lower the perception of dimensions. However, even smaller distances may incorporate darker flooring without getting claustrophobic by simply lightening the colors used on the walls. Dark floors work especially well in large, open plan rooms with a great deal of natural light.

Contrasting With Furniture And Cabinetry

Luckily, both dark and light flooring usually goes well with most types of cabinets and furniture. The one exception is trying to fit red tones with one another. But in case you’ve got light coloured furniture or kitchen cabinets, dark flooring is a fantastic contrast. And the other way round. If your furniture or cabinetry is white, you can’t go wrong with flooring colour.

Kids And Pets

If you have kids and pets, you might find it less difficult to maintain lighter looking floors. The cause of this is that darker floors show dirt and scratches much more easily than lighter colors. The chances of scratches and dents in the ground will be a lot greater with children and pets compared with an adult only family. And although these could be mended, you may find your time better spent with your children than in your flooring.


asdasdasdasdasdasdWhat to Do When Wax Ends Up on Your Hardwood Floors

Children of the 1980s still vividly remember Mr. Miyagi (from the film, The Karate Kid) imploring his young protégé, Daniel-san, to wax his car — a subtle means of teaching him the value of repetitive exercise and muscle memory for key equaling defenses. But what happens when real life wax pops up in your flooring? Do you need a professional hardwood flooring repair staff to come to the rescue, or will you handle the job yourself?

Below are two tips from the trenches:

Use a soft and soft heating element to moisturize the wax, and then mop it up with a cloth.
As an example, you can (safely!) Use a iron or even a hair dryer to melt the wax, being careful to not damage the hardwood floor in the procedure. Avoid leaving those things on a long time, and never”set it and forget it” A hairdryer left running could be a major fire hazard, then repairing the floors are the least of your troubles.
Take the opposite tack — freeze the wax for easier peeling and removal.
Using an ice pack (essentially sealed, which means you don’t drip water on the floor, which may stain and discolor the ground ), cool the wax until it is brittle, then break it up and scrape it away.

Hardwood Floor Repair is Occasionally Best Left to the Pros

If neither the by-fire or the by-ice approach functions — or when the wax spill triggered harm — it could be time to call in the professionals. The team here at The School Floor Sanding Co will be able to assist you with diverse challenges, including hardwood floors installation. Call today at 0800 955 0485 .


shutterstock_355308077Not all of us are contractors or have the convenient hardwood flooring expert cousin or friend of a friend. And, for all those of us who own homes, we’d really like to have a few of those skills sets today and then. We need to understand how to care for hardwood flooring.

From major disasters (like not knowing what to do about your base being rotted out by termites) to smaller problems (like how to switch off the water after leaving the house to your much earned month-long vacation) knowing how to care for your home is critical. Unfortunately, hardwood flooring care is not necessarily as”common sense” because we might like to think.

Here, we’re hoping to make caring for your home a little bit easier with some helpful tips and tiny things you can do to make sure the quality of your hardwood floors stays long after the kids are grown up and the dogs have gone to paradise. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to care for hardwood flooring, from pine to beech to oak, this article is for you.

In most cases with caring for hardwood flooring, the little things to ensure longevity pertain to appropriate cleaning and regular maintenance of your property. Below are some tips to help keep your hardwood floors pristine.


If you believe you can slop water blended with pine-sol onto your hardwood floors when you need to clean the dried up mud stain from the living room like you’re high school janitor think again. The wood will absorb the water, and you’ll dramatically reduce the quality of your flooring once the wood begins to warp and cup or depending on the requirements possibly rust.

2.Rather than MOPPING, TRY THIS:

Try to stick to sweeping hardwood flooring when they start to become dirty. In high traffic areas which are in danger of getting dirty from muddy shoes or unintentionally have a sticky beverage spilled, get creative with your decor and put down mats and rugs in these areas. Place a rubber lattice mat beneath to avoid slipping or the rug moving out of place. If you must use a little moisture for up a mess, use a cleaner that is formulated for hardwood and mists onto the surface, with a slightly dampened rag to help get up more stubborn messes.

While we’re on the subject, other cleaning products to avoid cleaning hardwood floors with are:

Soap-Based Detergents
Wax-Based Detergents

These products do nothing but cloud your complete and make build up on the surface of the wood.

Perhaps you don’t enjoy cleaning anyhow and were intending on getting the vacuum cleaner as your cleaning employ of choice. Sure we have fixed the moisture problem, but most traditional vacuums have metallic components that could easily scratch directly through the finish and eventually start damaging the wood itself.


Put money into a microfiber cloth; it will readily attract and pick up dirt, allows access to hard to reach nooks and crannies when cleaning hardwood flooring. They are wonderfully washable, so if you encounter something particularly nasty no cleaning out a vacuum cleaner bag for youthrow it in the wash and allow the bad memory of that dead beetle covered in cobwebs behind the sofa wash away too. And, most robotic vacuum cleaners are mild enough for wood flooring, so don’t hesitate if this is what you’re using.


Polishing may sound like something you would need to call a specialist in to, but nay my fellow it is simple. Just follow the instructions below and see your hardwood floors shine again.


Think of it like when you’re painting an area, except you’re trying to get it to the floor.

  • Eliminate all the furniture in the room.
  • Give it a good cleaning before applying the polish
  • Apply the polish using an applicator — both polish and applicator are usually available in most stores (polish cans give instructions for what sort of applicator
  • permit the polish to place, if there’s a good deal of visitors in the area plan to leave the polish to set for at least a day undisturbed before returning to use. Places that are less frequented can be back in use typically in an hour or two.

Strategies for Technique:

  • Do not snare yourself into a corner: Be certain you’re working towards the exit, not away from it.
  • To guarantee evenness in the polish make sure you apply in strokes that are feathered (crisscrossed, for us non-painters). This technique also ensures no spaces are left bald.
    Polishing fills in most of the cracks and scratches from the regular wear and tear of life.

Engineered hardwood flooring can be performed every month or two or so based on how much wear and tear the area encounters.


As you learn to take care of hardwood flooring, 1 day, you may have to ask,’Can I refinish or replace my floors? ‘ vinyl hardwood floors is the biggest job of our brief collection of little tips. But, it’s easier than replacing them.

The process of refinishing hardwood flooring isn’t impossible. Some determination, a little elbow grease, and a Saturday should get the task done.

At this time, you don’t technically need to strip off the present end to refinish hardwood flooring, roughing it using sanding will allow the new coat to adhere just nice to the present finish. Products like polyurethane work very well for this project, though in elderly houses some of those waxes and finishes utilized won’t work with contemporary finishes. In that case, you are likely better off stripping off it and completely replacing it. If you are comfortable with power tools, then an electrical sander will become your ally in this project.

Vinyl flooring yourself follows the same process as polishing does, with the addition of this sanding or stripping, depending on your requirements before applying the fresh coating. Refinishing hardwood floors just needs to be done every few years, rather than every couple of months.

A Guide to Brazilian Hardwood Flooring

brazilian-cherry-flooring-800x600If you’re looking to make a statement with the hardwood flooring in your home, Engineered hardwood flooring is the very best option. This exotic hardwood floors is high end, lavish, and beautiful. For a guide to walnut hardwood flooring, continue reading.

Brazil includes one of the biggest forests in the world, which means it’s an abundance of different types of hardwood options. Brazilian hardwood can be drawn up from Jatoba, Ipe, and Cumaru forests, among many other types.

Brazilian hardwood floors is a luxury form of flooring, which means it’s more expensive than domestic hardwood floors like oak or maple. Engineered hardwood is imported from South America, however, different brands of floors will cost less or more depending on where they supply their hardwood. The further a provider needs to ship the floors and the longer labor that goes into milling the wood, the costlier the flooring will probably be.

Here are two sorts of hardwood floors; solid and engineered. While many consider solid hardwood a traditionally appealing alternative, engineered hardwood is progressing. Engineered hardwood uses less timber than solid, which allows the costs to be more economical, the merchandise to be more environmentally sustainable, and the floors to be refinished without any harm.

If you are considering Brazilian hardwood floors for your home during the building or remodeling process, check out For more details about our flooring choice, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 0800 955 0485. You can even email our customer service team at 0800 955 0485 to get your questions answered. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to helping you restore luxury and beautiful flooring to your home.


shutterstock_50844475The simple fact that wooden flooring has such a great deal to provide has made it the primary selection for homeowners seeking to make the floors in their home just as a lot of gorgeous aspect of decor as other areas like the walls and furniture, and there are lots of ways in which this flooring is extremely beneficial.

Whilst many people choose to install hardwood floors in the house because it’s so attractive, looks aren’t the only thing which wooden flooring has to offer.

Wooden flooring is an extremely convenient alternative in the sense it may retain its look with only a little bit of attention- which means no more lengthy sessions together with the vacuum cleaner.

Provided the right type of wood is preferred, wooden flooring may sustain even the heaviest of foot traffic at the busiest of chambers, and marks left by dirty shoes could be cleaned away readily.

Selecting wooden flooring which is tough wearing and which can therefore endure for a long time can make it a really cost effective investment too- a second string to the bow of the kind of flooring.

Wooden flooring really does have a lot to offer- why don’t you see what it could offer to your property?


  1. Quebracho– From the Spanish “quebrar hacha,” which literally means “axe breaker.” Aptly named, wood in the Schinopsis genus is among the heaviest and hardest in the world.
  2. Lignum Vitae -Widely accepted as the hardest wood in the world–this wood has been listed as an endangered species and is listed in CITES.Consider Verawood as a very close substitute.
  3. Gidgee – This Australian endemic is both very heavy and very strong.Some pieces are dark enough to be used as an ebony substitute: one that’s even harder than the original article.
  4. Snakewood– It’s easy to see what makes Snakewood so unique–its patterns and markings resemble the skin of a snake. Limited supply and high demand make this one of the most expensive woods on eart.
  5. Verawood– Sometimes called Argentine Lignum Vitae, this wood is a gem:inexpensive, great olive-green color, beautiful feathery grain pattern, and it takes a great natural polish on the lathe.
  6. Camelthorn – Formerly classified as a member of the Acacia genus, this south African hardwood is a tough customer. The wood is stubbornly hard, and the tree is protected by giant sharp thorns.
  7. African Blackwood– In some parts of the world, this wood has achieved an almost legendary status. Historical evidence points to this wood (rather than Diospyros spp.) being the original “ebony.”
  8. Black Ironwood –Pieces are very seldom seen for sale, as this tree is too small to produce commercially viable lumber. Like the unrelated Desert Ironwood, Black Ironwood is an excellent choice for small turning projects.
  9. Katalox / Wamara– Some pieces can be just about a dark as true ebony,while others are a more reddish brown with black streaks. So much depth in the Swartzia genus, there’s something for everyone!
  10. Cebil– Also known as Curupay or by the exaggerated name Patagonian Rosewood, Cebil is not a true rosewood. It has a highly variable streaked appearance not too unlike Goncalo Alves.


Home sweet home

Home is a place that is not just outside property you buy , it is inside us, because we feel safe there, we have fun there and we rise our children there, when we have problem with our home area we are thinking about it and we want to decide it, so we can feel good again. For example when we know that our wooden floors are harmed and they are not looking the way we remember them we are looking for a solution. The right solution here is called sanding! Yes , this procedure will bring back life in your flooring no matter what is their condition now, how old are they or whatever. Do not doubt and contact the experts so we can help!

We know all about wood, about type of floors and their surface. Our occupation is flooring and we have chosen this business, because we love our job! If your your floors are scratched, damaged or else – contact us or get a free sanding quote on our website! All of our clients are handled with respect and they come back us again and recommend to their friends!