asdasdasdasdasdasdWhat to Do When Wax Ends Up on Your Hardwood Floors

Children of the 1980s still vividly remember Mr. Miyagi (from the film, The Karate Kid) imploring his young protégé, Daniel-san, to wax his car — a subtle means of teaching him the value of repetitive exercise and muscle memory for key equaling defenses. But what happens when real life wax pops up in your flooring? Do you need a professional hardwood flooring repair staff to come to the rescue, or will you handle the job yourself?

Below are two tips from the trenches:

Use a soft and soft heating element to moisturize the wax, and then mop it up with a cloth.
As an example, you can (safely!) Use a iron or even a hair dryer to melt the wax, being careful to not damage the hardwood floor in the procedure. Avoid leaving those things on a long time, and never”set it and forget it” A hairdryer left running could be a major fire hazard, then repairing the floors are the least of your troubles.
Take the opposite tack — freeze the wax for easier peeling and removal.
Using an ice pack (essentially sealed, which means you don’t drip water on the floor, which may stain and discolor the ground ), cool the wax until it is brittle, then break it up and scrape it away.

Hardwood Floor Repair is Occasionally Best Left to the Pros

If neither the by-fire or the by-ice approach functions — or when the wax spill triggered harm — it could be time to call in the professionals. The team here at The School Floor Sanding Co will be able to assist you with diverse challenges, including hardwood floors installation. Call today at 0800 955 0485 .

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